Summary:ASTERISK-18127: Queues - Missed calls - SIP cancel reason
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Date Opened:2011-07-12 01:25:53Date Closed:2011-08-26 14:40:30
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duplicatesASTERISK-18081 Queues - Missed calls - SIP cancel reason
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The queues does not have functionality of SIP Cancel message with reason ("Call Completed Elsewhere"), I can see that it is already implemented as a dial() - with option "c", but this does not solve missed calls with queue's.

The reason message already works if you make call dialplan like this:


If user 100 answers, the user 101 gets SIP Cancel message with reason. But this is not implemented into queues.

It is a major problem for call center - you can have all the calls without missed calls (dial option "c"), or all the calls with missed calls, but there is no solution when an agent pickup's the call, that all other agents don't get missed call - or if caller does a hangup, that the missed call is on all agent (if using ringall strategy), off-course its different logic for other strategies.
Comments:By: David Woolley (davidw) 2011-07-12 05:55:03.479-0500

Appears to be repeat of ASTERISK-18081, which is already rejected as a feature request without a patch.

By: Ales Silar (aless187) 2011-08-14 12:32:51.818-0500

Hi, it was rejected as a feature request, but I reopened it as a bug - I have no experience with Asterisk patching, so I cannot provide a patch :(

Regarding this problem - it is also present in pickup application -> A call B, C pick's up B call. B has a missed call -> not right, it should not have a missed call, because the call was picked up by C.

By: Paul Belanger (pabelanger) 2011-08-26 14:40:30.780-0500

Please do not open the same issue if it has been originally closed.  As mentioned before, this looks to be a feature request.  We do not accept them on the tracker.

By: Stanislav German-Evtushenko (giner) 2013-12-25 06:05:34.831-0600

Just FYI:
- "SIP cancel reason" works well for "SIP/100&SIP/101" in Asterisk 1.8.10 however doesn't work for "local/100@context&local/101@context"