Summary:ASTERISK-12097: [patch] Multiparking support / AMI enhancement for Asterisk 1.4
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Date Opened:2008-05-28 09:37:34Date Closed:2008-05-28 10:04:41
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Description:Multiparking now has been implemented to trunk version and the correspondent bug is closed now (http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=6113).

The attached patch "asterisk-multiparking-0.0.2.patch" adds multiparking support to release 1.4.18. I have been working on this to implement multiparking in a productional environment (voip carrier). Starting with the team branch initially written by oej, I made it work and added some new ideas.

I added the parkinglotname as parameter to the Park() extension. Parked calls are using the parked number and the parkinglotname as parameter.
You will find something like this in the dialplan:
 '900' =>          1. Park(datusparklot)                         [res_features]
 '901' =>          1. ParkedCall(901@datusparklot)               [res_features]

Working this way, you don't have to configure the channel variable PARKINGLOT within the dial plan or in the channel configuration for the device.
Unfortunately parking of a call is not always done by going through the dialplan and issuing the Park() application. So I had to add a function which gets the parameter of the Park() application as parkinglotname from the dialplan.

You will find some additional information how to configure multiple parking lots in "howto-multiparking.txt". If you're interested to use multiparking with asterisk 1.4, try it and give some feedback.

I also added some enhancements to the asterisk manager interface to add context specific parking and some more. "asterisk-ami-multiparking-0.0.2.patch" inludes both, multiparking feature and enhancements for AMI. Enhancement of AMI is described in "howto-multiparking.txt".
Comments:By: Norbert Reinartz (nreinartz) 2008-05-28 10:03:16

I created patches for asterisk 1.4.18 and asterisk 1.4.20:
* Release 1.4.18/
* Release

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2008-05-28 10:04:41

Asterisk 1.4 is feature frozen, so this patch can not be committed.  I am sure that others will appreciate you posting this here for usage, though.