Summary:ASTERISK-29993: chan_dahdi: Operator control option borks both lines involved on callee disconnect
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Date Opened:2022-03-28 13:32:17Date Closed:2022-05-09 08:38:14
Versions:18.6.0 Frequency of
Description:The "O" Dial option which only works on DAHDI to DAHDI calls is buggy in a major way.

The actual "operator ringback" functionality itself works properly and as described, in both modes.

However, as soon as the operator side (the called party) of a call hangs up, both lines are completely out of commission until you run "dahdi restart" in the CLI. Essentially, this makes the feature completely unusable. As soon as you dial something with the "O" option, you've just taken 2 lines out of service.

Nothing comes up with "core show channels". In fact, even with core debug 10, there is no discernible activity on these channels.

This is possibly/additionally a bug with DAHDI Linux as well, given that there is no indication that Asterisk is updated about hook states of affected lines.

e.g. if you do "channel request hangup all" while one of these operator calls is in session, the caller will get silence and the operator will hear congestion.

This persists on both sides after they go on hook and off hook again. The operator side simply hears reorder tone whenever going off hook again, for perpetuity.

However, "dahdi show channel <chan-no>" (which makes an ioctl call to DAHDI) does show the correct hook state in the "borked" mode.

Dialing either of the lines involved from a working line results in them being "BUSY". This is because in both cases, p->subs[SUB_REAL].allocd is true.
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By: Friendly Automation (friendly-automation) 2022-05-09 08:38:15.959-0500

Change 18501 merged by Friendly Automation:
chan_dahdi: Fix broken operator mode clearing.


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Change 18502 merged by Friendly Automation:
chan_dahdi: Fix broken operator mode clearing.


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chan_dahdi: Fix broken operator mode clearing.


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Change 18503 merged by Joshua Colp:
chan_dahdi: Fix broken operator mode clearing.