Summary:ASTERISK-28952: Queue wrapuptime sometimes not respected (based on stale lastcall time)
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Date Opened:2020-06-15 06:20:58Date Closed:2020-06-17 09:16:22
Versions:13.34.0 Frequency of
Description:Possibly related to ASTERISK-22589, we've also been seeing issues with wrapuptime not being respected.

In our case -- we're also using realtime -- the issue appears to be the following:

- try_calling() creates a list of potential members (Agents)
- it copies the current state from the members to the callattempt linked list
- ring_one() is fed the list
- if the strategy is _not_ ringall, the members are tried sequentially
- ring_entry() dials a member
- member does not pick up
- ring_entry() dials another member
- before dialing, can_ring_entry() checks whether member->lastcall is more recent than wrapuptime seconds ago
- if wrapuptime has not been reached, it skips this member and moves onto the next

In our case, the callattempt-list is populated with both in-use and not-in-use members. This is no problem, as can_ring_entry() checks both the inuse state and the wrapuptime.

However: if the callattempt-list was created _before_ the inuse member ends the call, but the attempt is first made _after_ the hangup, can_ring_entry() checks _old_ data:

- call1: MemberX has call (is inuse)
- call2: NewCaller calls into queue, callattempt is made with currently available lastcall times
- call2: MemberY is tried
- call1: MemberX ends call, stores "lastcall" time in member (but not in callattempt)
- call2: MemberX is tried (checks stale "lastcall" time from callattempt)

That last one _should be_:

- call2: MemberX is skipped, after checking "lastcall" on member struct

h3. History

struct callattempt has always had copies of the lastcall/lastqueue:
commit b140eef0aa186020868aaf4ab663ce2aa38e73c2
Author: Mark Spencer <markster@digium.com>
Date:   Sat Jun 26 16:26:39 2004 +0000

   Implement queue wide wrapuptime (bug #1707)
@@ -1019,6 +1028,7 @@ static int try_calling(struct queue_ent *qe, char *options, char *announceoverri
               tmp->member = cur;              /* Never directly dereference!  Could change on reload */
               strncpy(tmp->tech, cur->tech, sizeof(tmp->tech)-1);
               strncpy(tmp->numsubst, cur->loc, sizeof(tmp->numsubst)-1);
+               tmp->lastcall = cur->lastcall;
               /* If we're dialing by extension, look at the extension to know what to dial */
               if ((newnum = strstr(tmp->numsubst, "BYEXTENSION"))) {
                       strncpy(restofit, newnum + strlen("BYEXTENSION"), sizeof(restofit)-1);
We were not allowed to touch the member directly.

This was changed:
commit e5582607460aa9fe8312bdf5b184160b92d90f7b
Author: Tilghman Lesher <tilghman@meg.abyt.es>
Date:   Mon Sep 10 18:32:59 2007 +0000

   Merged revisions 82155 via svnmerge from
   r82155 | tilghman | 2007-09-10 13:02:02 -0500 (Mon, 10 Sep 2007) | 2 lines
   Convert struct member to use refcounts (closes issue #10199)
@@ -2601,7 +2620,7 @@ static int try_calling(struct queue_ent *qe, const char *options, char *announce
                       goto out;
               tmp->stillgoing = -1;
-               tmp->member = cur;              /* Never directly dereference!  Could change on reload */
+               tmp->member = cur;
               tmp->oldstatus = cur->status;
               tmp->lastcall = cur->lastcall;
               ast_copy_string(tmp->interface, cur->interface, sizeof(tmp->interface));
And within 4 days that feature was already used:
commit 38460271f20c45350e428b5d3a7cc07989df1b54
Author: Mark Michelson <mmichelson@digium.com>
Date:   Fri Sep 14 18:34:53 2007 +0000

   Merged revisions 82396 via svnmerge from
   r82396 | mmichelson | 2007-09-14 13:28:36 -0500 (Fri, 14 Sep 2007) | 5 lines
   Adding member name field to manager events where they were missing before
   (closes issue #10721, reported by snar)
@@ -1901,7 +1902,7 @@ static int ring_entry(struct queue_ent *qe, struct callattempt *tmp, int *busies
                                       "Extension: %s\r\n"
                                       "Priority: %d\r\n"
-                                       qe->parent->name, tmp->interface, qe->chan->name, tmp->chan->name,
+                                       qe->parent->name, tmp->interface, tmp->member->membername, qe->chan->name, tmp->chan->name,
                                       tmp->chan->cid.cid_num ? tmp->chan->cid.cid_num : "unknown",
                                       tmp->chan->cid.cid_name ? tmp->chan->cid.cid_name : "unknown",
                                       qe->chan->context, qe->chan->exten, qe->chan->priority,
However, the original use of the copied field remained:
               struct callattempt *tmp;
               struct member *cur;
               tmp->lastcall = cur->lastcall;
As far as I can tell, there is no reason to not query the member directly, and drop the obsolete (and sometimes stale) copies.

h3. Fix

Which would look somewhat like this:
diff --git a/apps/app_queue.c b/apps/app_queue.c
index 3a572efc2d..5d2721bdfc 100644
--- a/apps/app_queue.c
+++ b/apps/app_queue.c
@@ -1443,8 +1443,6 @@ struct callattempt {
struct ast_channel *chan;
char interface[256]; /*!< An Asterisk dial string (not a channel name) */
int metric;
- time_t lastcall;
- struct call_queue *lastqueue;
struct member *member;
/*! Saved connected party info from an AST_CONTROL_CONNECTED_LINE. */
struct ast_party_connected_line connected;
@@ -4236,36 +4234,38 @@ static int member_status_available(int status)
static int can_ring_entry(struct queue_ent *qe, struct callattempt *call)
- if (call->member->paused) {
+ struct member *memberp = call->member;
+ if (memberp->paused) {
ast_debug(1, "%s paused, can't receive call\n", call->interface);
return 0;

- if (!call->member->ringinuse && !member_status_available(call->member->status)) {
+ if (!memberp->ringinuse && !member_status_available(memberp->status)) {
ast_debug(1, "%s not available, can't receive call\n", call->interface);
return 0;

- if ((call->lastqueue && call->lastqueue->wrapuptime && (time(NULL) - call->lastcall < call->lastqueue->wrapuptime))
- || (!call->lastqueue && qe->parent->wrapuptime && (time(NULL) - call->lastcall < qe->parent->wrapuptime))) {
+ if ((memberp->lastqueue && memberp->lastqueue->wrapuptime && (time(NULL) - memberp->lastcall < memberp->lastqueue->wrapuptime))
+ || (!memberp->lastqueue && qe->parent->wrapuptime && (time(NULL) - memberp->lastcall < qe->parent->wrapuptime))) {
ast_debug(1, "Wrapuptime not yet expired on queue %s for %s\n",
- (call->lastqueue ? call->lastqueue->name : qe->parent->name),
+ (memberp->lastqueue ? memberp->lastqueue->name : qe->parent->name),
return 0;

- if (use_weight && compare_weight(qe->parent, call->member)) {
+ if (use_weight && compare_weight(qe->parent, memberp)) {
ast_debug(1, "Priority queue delaying call to %s:%s\n",
qe->parent->name, call->interface);
return 0;

- if (!call->member->ringinuse) {
+ if (!memberp->ringinuse) {
struct member *mem;


- mem = ao2_find(pending_members, call->member,
+ mem = ao2_find(pending_members, memberp,
if (mem) {
@@ -4283,8 +4283,8 @@ static int can_ring_entry(struct queue_ent *qe, struct callattempt *call)
* If not found add it to the container so another queue
* won't attempt to call this member at the same time.
- ast_debug(3, "Add %s to pending_members\n", call->member->membername);
- ao2_link(pending_members, call->member);
+ ast_debug(3, "Add %s to pending_members\n", memberp->membername);
+ ao2_link(pending_members, memberp);

@@ -4292,10 +4292,10 @@ static int can_ring_entry(struct queue_ent *qe, struct callattempt *call)
* because the device state and extension state callbacks may
* not have updated the status yet.
- if (!member_status_available(get_queue_member_status(call->member))) {
+ if (!member_status_available(get_queue_member_status(memberp))) {
ast_debug(1, "%s actually not available, can't receive call\n",
- pending_members_remove(call->member);
+ pending_members_remove(memberp);
return 0;
@@ -6638,9 +6638,7 @@ static int try_calling(struct queue_ent *qe, struct ast_flags opts, char **opt_a

tmp->block_connected_update = block_connected_line;
tmp->stillgoing = 1;
- tmp->member = cur;/* Place the reference for cur into callattempt. */
- tmp->lastcall = cur->lastcall;
- tmp->lastqueue = cur->lastqueue;
+ tmp->member = cur; /* Place the reference for cur into callattempt. */
ast_copy_string(tmp->interface, cur->interface, sizeof(tmp->interface));
/* Calculate the metric for the appropriate strategy. */
if (!calc_metric(qe->parent, cur, x++, qe, tmp)) {
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app_queue: Read latest wrapuptime instead of (possibly stale) copy


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