Summary:ASTERISK-27361: Attended transfer crashes in Asterisk 13.17.2
Reporter:Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta)Labels:
Date Opened:2017-10-18 21:41:35Date Closed:2017-11-20 14:30:58.000-0600
Versions:13.17.2 Frequency of
Environment:Debian 9 Stretch 4.9.30-2+deb9u5 (2017-09-19) . VMWare, Attachments:( 0) asterisk-ASTERISK-27361-b-results.tar.gz
( 1) asterisk-ASTERISK-27361-c-results.tar.gz
( 2) asterisk-ASTERISK-27361-results.tar.gz
( 3) First_segfault.zip
( 4) full.zip
( 5) Second_seffault.zip
Description:The asterisk service drops several times a day.
It is a system with about 120 extensions. It has a small DAC. Medium traffic. Few features. They use mixmonitor application, chanspy, transfer, call pickup, CDR in Postgres.

I have the core dump.
Comments:By: Asterisk Team (asteriskteam) 2017-10-18 21:41:36.425-0500

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By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-18 21:51:00.382-0500

attachment files of 2 restarts.

By: George Joseph (gjoseph) 2017-10-19 06:48:29.337-0500

Do you have any logs that correspond to those crashes?  They can tell us what the sequence of events was that caused them.

By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-19 08:37:13.594-0500

The first segfault occurred in 18/10/2017 at 09:51.
The second segfault occurred in 18/10/2017 at 10:43.
the logs were generated with: Verbose 5 and Debug 5.
I could not reproduce the problem.

Files First segfault.zip and Second seffault.zip are from the full asterisk file.


By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-19 08:56:26.788-0500

Follow the core dump files.

By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-20 17:06:05.608-0500


Today a new crash occurred. follows files for analysis.


By: Richard Mudgett (rmudgett) 2017-10-20 17:31:20.102-0500

Please.   Don't attach core files on the bug tracker as they are only useful on the machine they were generated on.  We only need the output of ast_coredumper and the logs.

By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-20 17:42:51.048-0500

I'm sorry for this. Thank you for advising.

By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-23 11:35:46.035-0500


I understand that this occurs during a specific assisted transfer condition. Can you tell me in what conditions does this crash occur?
I need to avoid these crashes.



By: Richard Mudgett (rmudgett) 2017-10-23 12:42:03.806-0500

I'm not working on this issue.  However, what I suspect might be happening is that the crash happens when Asterisk is attempting to recall the transferrer because the transfer target failed to answer.  The transferrer channel name may not be dialable.  What channel technologies are used on this machine?

By: Alessandro Pimenta (alepimenta) 2017-10-23 12:59:21.092-0500

Only SIP Channel. Both for extensions and trunks. We do not have TDM hardware.
We have a 3 ip phones. Several softphones. 2 FXS gateway (24 pors each). All SIP technology.
It was configured with basic-pbx (conf). I tested transfer between extensions and could not simulate the problem.
Today we had a single crash. Do you want these new files?
At this point I left running with the script safe_asterisk.

By: Richard Mudgett (rmudgett) 2017-10-23 13:52:13.728-0500

I think you have provided enough information to find the issue.

By: Friendly Automation (friendly-automation) 2017-11-20 14:30:59.136-0600

Change 7251 merged by Joshua Colp:
bridge_basic: Ignore answer from transfer target when they've timed out.


By: Friendly Automation (friendly-automation) 2017-11-20 14:47:32.382-0600

Change 7252 merged by Joshua Colp:
bridge_basic: Ignore answer from transfer target when they've timed out.


By: Friendly Automation (friendly-automation) 2017-11-20 14:55:44.715-0600

Change 7253 merged by Joshua Colp:
bridge_basic: Ignore answer from transfer target when they've timed out.