Summary:ASTERISK-27286: Add the ability to read the media file type from HTTP header for playback
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Date Opened:2017-09-21 19:47:12Date Closed:2017-10-02 15:21:31
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Description:*How it works today:*
Currently, as described in https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+14+Project+-+URI+Media+Playback, media_cache tries to parse out the extension of the media file to be played from the URI provided to Asterisk while caching the file.

*What's expected:*
Better will be to have Asterisk get extension from other ways too. One of the common ways is to get the type of content from the CONTENT-TYPE header in the HTTP response for fetching the media file using the URI provided.

*Steps to Reproduce:*
Provide a URL of the form:  http://host/media/1234 to Asterisk for media playback. It fails to play and logs show the following error line:
bq. [Sep 15 15:48:05] WARNING [29148] [C-00000092] file.c: File http://host/media/1234 does not exist in any format

*Scenario this issue is blocking:*
In the case where the media files are stored in some cloud object store, following can block the media being played via Asterisk:
- Cloud storage generally needs authenticated access to the storage. The way to do that is by using signed URIs. With the signed URIs there's no way to preserve the name of the file.
- In most cases Cloud storage returns a key to access the object and preserving file name is also not a thing there
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Change 8882 merged by Jenkins2:
Add the ability to read the media file type from HTTP header for playback