Summary:ASTERISK-27163: chan_sip: Dialplan function SIP_HEADERS() to complement SIP_HEADER().
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Date Opened:2017-07-30 01:14:18Date Closed:2017-08-16 06:44:36
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If the argument is specified, only the headers matching the given prefix are returned.

The function returns a comma-separated list of SIP header names from an incoming INVITE message. Multiple headers with the same name are included in the list only once. The returned list can be iterated over using the functions POP() and SIP_HEADER().

For example, '$\{SIP_HEADERS(Co)}' might return the string 'Contact,Content-Length,Content-Type'.

Practical use is rather '$\{SIP_HEADERS(X-)}' to enumerate optional extended headers sent by a peer.

Submitting to Gerrit in a moment.
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