Summary:ASTERISK-26038: 'make install' doesn't seem to install OS/X init files
Reporter:Tzafrir Cohen (tzafrir)Labels:
Date Opened:2016-05-19 02:19:30Date Closed:2016-05-23 16:18:31
Versions:13.9.1 Frequency of
Description:In Makefile, in the target 'config', the script will, under certain conditions, install org.asterisk.asterisk.plist and org.asterisk.muted.plist.

However one of those conditions is:
@if [ "${OSARCH}" = "linux-gnu" -o "${OSARCH}" = "kfreebsd-gnu" ];

Which probably means it won't happen.

Any reason not to remove this condition? There are more specific conditions in the Makefile anyway.
Comments:By: Alexander Traud (traud) 2016-07-18 04:30:01.519-0500

By removing that condition, [suppression of echoing|http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html#Echoing] {{@}} was unintentionally  removed as well. Although just cosmetic, this is irritating because the recipe/commands were not echoed before and the last statement is: {{We could not install init scripts …}}. This gives the impression about a failure of the whole make target {{config}}. The solution is to prefix the first if-clause with an {{@}} again.