Summary:ASTERISK-22780: ARI: Implement channel spying
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Date Opened:2013-10-27 20:46:15Date Closed:2013-11-23 06:41:09.000-0600
Status:Closed/CompleteComponents:Applications/app_chanspy Resources/res_ari
Versions:12.0.0-beta1 Frequency of
Description:One of the missing features in ARI is the ability to spy on channels. A discussion was had on the [asterisk-app-dev mailing list|http://lists.digium.com/pipermail/asterisk-app-dev/2013-October/000012.html], in which two proposals were made:

# Use the existing ChanSpy functionality (refactored appropriately). This would result in a new 'spy' operation being added to the channels resource. This option is more expedient, in that the existing code can mostly be reused, and provides a useful implementation of the whisper/spy functionality. It is not ideal for barge functionality, as the spy operation has to be stopped before a channel is added into a bridge.
# Create a new bridge technology that could set up media paths between participants. This is more flexible than the first option, as it allows for  whisper/spy/barge (as well as more complicated scenarios), but has a relatively complex implementation and may be more difficult to use.

For now, the community decided to go with option #1. This issue is to do that.

h3. Refactoring

Refactor the common execution code in {{app_chanspy}} into a core file. This should include all generator code, audiohook code, and any shared execution code between the existing dialplan channel spy applications.

Verify that we don't break the existing dialplan applications.

h3. Update the models

Add a new operation to the {{channels}} resource. The channel referenced by the operation is the channel performing the spying operation. The parameters should be:
# The ID of the channel to spy in
# The mode of the operation. This should be {{whisper}} and {{spy}}.

A POST should start a spy operation; a DELETE should terminate it.

While spying, a channel cannot be in a bridge, nor can it enter a bridge.

While spying, other media operations should be prevented that conflict with the operation, i.e., recording.

Note that we'll defer for now on {{barge}}. Barging is complicated in multi-channel bridges - if you want to go from whisper/spy to acting as a full participant, you should end the operation and put the channel into the bridge with the participants.

h3. Implement said feature

Add the necessary plumbing to {{resource_channels}} to call into the core functionality implemented previously.

Add tests to the Asterisk Test Suite to verify spy and whisper mode operations.