Summary:ASTERISK-22760: ConfBridge: CONFBRIDGE function does not allow for dynamic creation of menu items
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Date Opened:2013-10-24 13:33:49Date Closed:2013-11-01 17:50:24
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causesASTERISK-24723 confbridge: CLI command 'confbridge list XXXX' no longer displays user menus
Description:The CONFBRIDGE function doesn't allow a user to dynamically construct a menu for a user about to enter a conference.

Ideally, doing something like the following:


same => n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(menu,0)=leave_conference)
same => n,Set(CONFBRIDGE(menu,*0)=leave_conference)

would build up a menu on the channel such that, when they enter the ConfBridge, they'd have those options available to them.

Implementation wise, we can assign a default empty menu to the users when they enter, and override that given the function options.
Comments:By: Jonathan Rose (jrose) 2013-11-01 17:50:24.263-0500

committed in r402397