Summary:ASTERISK-22697: ARI: Add the ability to raise an arbitrary User Event from the Asterisk or Applications resource
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Date Opened:2013-10-14 13:12:37Date Closed:2014-05-22 11:12:03
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is related toASTERISK-22685 Unable to POST content-type: application/json to ARI
Description:A very nice feature of ARI is the ability for UserEvents to be shared between dialplan, AMI, and ARI. However, there is not currently a mechanism to raise an arbitrary UserEvent from ARI.

This would be needed if a system monitoring tool using AMI was monitoring for specific events to know when to record information (billing, activity, etc.) and the channels involved were in an ARI application.

In general, this feels like it is appropriate for either the Application or Asterisk resource: the events may be independent of a channel, or they may choose to involve a channel (in which case the event should include that channel's information).