Summary:ASTERISK-22393: CEL: During BRIDGE_ENTER/BRIDGE_EXIT events, the Peer field is never populated, even if a channel is in the bridge
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Date Opened:2013-08-25 20:59:41Date Closed:2013-09-27 09:04:01
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Description:Say we have Alice and Bob.

Alice enters into a bridge. A BRIDGE_ENTER event is created with no Peer field. This makes sense, as no one else is in the bridge.

Bob enters into the same bridge. A BRIDGE_ENTER event is also created; however, the Peer field is empty.

Ideally, CEL events would inform you of the channels that are in the bridge when you enter a Bridge. At the very least, in a two-party bridge, your peer should be displayed.

Multi-party bridges have two options.
# Display nothing
# Display a comma delineated list of the channels in the bridge with you when you enter/exit.

Note that the PeerAccount field should also be populated.