Summary:ASTERISK-22091: Can't build res_rtp_asterisk - libuuid not found after applying patches from 11.5.0
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Date Opened:2013-07-17 15:17:29Date Closed:2013-07-18 12:51:26
Versions:11.5.0 Frequency of
is caused byASTERISK-21125 Asterisk 11 needs libuuid in configure script due to pjproject
Environment:Debian 7.1 Wheezy kernel 3.2.0-4-amd64 in VMAttachments:( 0) JIRA-ASTERISK-22091.txt
Description:res_rtp_asterisk module can't be build despite the fact that uuid-dev is installed. With 11.3.0 there was no problem, uuid-dev was not necessary

ii  uuid-dev                              2.20.1-5.3              amd64                   universally unique id library - headers and static libraries
zone-s:/usr/src/asterisk-11.5.0# sudo dpkg -L uuid-dev
Comments:By: Michael L. Young (elguero) 2013-07-17 18:49:04.949-0500

Well, in looking at the CHANGELOG (http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/asterisk/ChangeLog-11-current) I see that the dependence was added.  That would be why in 11.3, you didn't see this.

Can you attach the output of the "./configure" script?  That might be helpful for someone working on this.


By: tootai (tootai) 2013-07-18 02:20:22.160-0500

This is the output of ./configure.

Thanks for your support


By: Michael L. Young (elguero) 2013-07-18 10:29:39.885-0500

Can you please outline your steps from downloading Asterisk 11.5 all the way to configuring it?

I just installed a fresh copy of Debian Wheezy amd64 in a VM.  My configure output mentions checking for uuid like one would expect.  I ran configure before installing uuid-dev in which it was unable to find uuid (which is correct) and then after installing uuid-dev (it was then able to find it).  I am unable to reproduce the problem you are having.

The configure output that you attached doesn't mention that it is checking for the uuid libraries.  So, we need to try and figure out why it would appear that you are using a different configure script.

By: tootai (tootai) 2013-07-18 11:51:36.333-0500

- Wheezy is running Asterisk-11.3.0 downloaded from http://downloads.asterisk.org => all is good
- copy asterisk-11.3.0 source directory in an asterisk-11.5.0 directory
- download and apply asterisk-11.4.0-patch in asterisk-11.5.0 directory
- download and apply asterisk-11.5.0-patch in asterisk-11.5.0 directory
- make clean
- ./configure

That's all


By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-07-18 12:05:32.630-0500

As the patches there probably contain changes to the {{configure.ac}} script, there is a good likelihood that you have to rebuild the {{configure}} script.

What happens if, after doing all of that, you run {{bootstrap.sh}}, then run the newly produced {{configure}} script?

By: tootai (tootai) 2013-07-18 12:15:55.174-0500

And now it's OK, res_rtp_asterisk is builded :-)

Thanks for your support


By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-07-18 12:49:28.722-0500

No problem.

I'll close this out as "Workaround Available" - the only way someone will run into this is if they patch, not if they start from a fresh tarball. If so, hopefully they'll find this issue in the tracker and it will help them too :-)