Summary:ASTERISK-22040: Remove the bridge pointer from ast_channel; refactor consumers of the bridge pointer to safely get it through bridge_channel
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Date Opened:2013-07-07 20:48:11Date Closed:2013-08-09 14:37:08
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Description:Unfortunately, we probably shouldn't have put the {{bridge}} pointer on the channel object. Channels can be moved around in the bridging system, and hence it isn't safe to access the {{bridge}} pointer on the channel without first locking the bridge.

It is safe, however, to use the {{bridge_channel}} pointer.

What is needed is a way to *ask* the bridging framework for a reference to the bridge that the channel happens to be in.

/* BUGBUG the bridge pointer must change to an ast_channel_bridge pointer because it will never change while the channel is in the bridging system whereas the bridge could change. */
struct ast_bridge *bridge;                      /*!< Bridge this channel is participating in */
Comments:By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-08-09 12:32:33.418-0500

This isn't really an issue.

So long as channels are careful in how they use the {{ast_bridge}} pointer, there's no harm in having a direct pointer back to the bridge that the channel is in. This pointer has become so useful that removing it would probably be more intrusive than simply being careful.