Summary:ASTERISK-21809: [patch] sip_pvt members novideo and notext are being reset to TRUE every time SDP is processed
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Date Opened:2013-05-23 05:03:54Date Closed:2017-07-25 16:47:08
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Description:{{sip_pvt::novideo}} and {{sip_pvt::notext}} is being reset to default value in {{process_sdp()}}:

9265         /* default: novideo and notext set */                                                    
9266         p->novideo = TRUE;                                                                        
9267         p->notext = TRUE;    

But in case of re-INVITE with the same SDP version:

9281                         /* If we end up receiving SDP that doesn't actually modify the session we don't want to treat this as a fatal
9282                          * error. We just want to ignore the SDP and let the rest of the packet be handled as normal.
9283                          */                                                                      
9284                         if (!process_sdp_o(value, p)) {                                          
9285                                 return (p->session_modify == FALSE) ? 0 : -1;

values of mentioned variables stay default. This isn't correct in case if video is present (already established). As result Asterisk sends 200 OK answer with audio only media.

I suppose that it's better to set variables to default values in {{sip_alloc()}}
Comments:By: Roman S. (rolesok) 2013-05-23 05:10:51.259-0500

proposed fix

By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2017-07-25 16:47:08.568-0500

Closing this out since there has been no movement since 2013 and it was filed against a now EOL version of Asterisk. With no core development on chan_sip now, this patch is unlikely to get merged in.

If the patch is compatible with a currently supported version please request to reopen the issue and update it to reflect that information. At that point a community developer is welcome to walk the patch through the review process at any time.