Summary:ASTERISK-21717: [patch] - Documentation for PASSTHRU function is unclear
Reporter:Richard Miller (ulogic)Labels:
Date Opened:2013-04-27 16:19:43Date Closed:2013-07-13 20:58:03
Versions: 10.12.2 11.3.0 Frequency of
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Description:It is not apparent to the average user that the PASSTHRU function should not be passed as ${PASSTHRU(string)} but just as PASSTHRU(string) to functions which take a variable name and not its contents.
Comments:By: Richard Miller (ulogic) 2013-04-27 16:23:40.745-0500

Patch adds the following to core show function PASSTHRU
NOTE: The functions which take a variable name need to be passed var and
not ${var}.  Similarly, use PASSTHRU() and not ${PASSTHRU()}.
Example: ${CHANNEL} contains SIP/321-1
        ${CUT(PASSTHRU(${CUT(CHANNEL,-,1)}),/,2)}) will return 321
(I expected 321 not to be on a line by itself).

By: Richard Miller (ulogic) 2013-04-27 16:27:33.148-0500

Change to output of
core show function PASSTHRU