Summary:ASTERISK-21676: (CALLERPRES()=prohib) not honoured over ISDN
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Date Opened:2013-04-24 08:47:36Date Closed:2013-04-24 10:08:17
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I'm trying to make outbound call from my SIP phone through ISDN line and hide the CLI on the network.

Unfortunately there is no way to hide it by using CALLERPRES()=prohib or all others features below:
allowed_not_screened - Presentation Allowed, Not Screened.
allowed_passed_screen - Presentation Allowed, Passed Screen.
allowed_failed_screen - Presentation Allowed, Failed Screen.
allowed - Presentation Allowed, Network Number.
prohib_not_screened - Presentation Prohibited, Not Screened.
prohib_passed_screen - Presentation Prohibited, Passed Screen.
prohib_failed_screen - Presentation Prohibited, Failed Screen.
prohib - Presentation Prohibited, Network Number.
unavailable - Number Unavailable.

When I run pri debug the field "Presentation" never change in calling part and always stay:

Presentation allowed, User-provided, verified and passed (1)

There is no way to get Presentation restricted or something else.

Thanks in advance for your advice on it.

Best Regards
Comments:By: Cyril CONSTANTIN (dose) 2013-04-24 09:12:12.622-0500

I just find how to resolve the issue, in fact it was need to put usacallingpres=yes into dahdi_channels for my specific span and not put it only in chan_dahdi
You can close it