Summary:ASTERISK-21573: CallCompletionRequest() not available with call forwarding disabled on busy extension
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Date Opened:2013-04-18 03:29:47Date Closed:2013-05-31 20:26:01
Versions:11.2.1 Frequency of
Environment:CentOs 6.3 FreePBX 2.11Attachments:
Description:It appears as though CallCompletionRequest() cannot succeed under the following circumstances:
- Extension has call waiting disabled
- Extension is busy

In this case, CCSS doesn't allow a CallCompletionRequest(), which means "ring back on busy" doesn't work in those circumstances.

The following FreePBX ticket is what I'm talking about, but it looks like the underlying CallCompletionRequest() is at fault, not the way it is called:
Comments:By: namezero111111 (namezero111111) 2013-04-18 03:30:54.228-0500

I'd be willing to take a look at it if someone can advise me where and what to look for as a starting point.

By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2013-04-23 13:40:09.387-0500

Looks like this is still being investigated on http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/6258

I'll leave this in Waiting on Feedback for a couple weeks. If you get more information leading to there being a bug you can post it here (be sure to hit "Send Back" or we may not see your update immediately)

What we would need

* Asterisk log file with VERBOSE and DEBUG messages at level 5 capturing during a demonstration of the issue. (preferably demonstrated with a very simplistic dialplan to prevent lots of noise)

* For the above log file, be sure to turn on debug relevant to the channel driver in use with CCSS. https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Collecting+Debug+Information

* We need you to help narrow down the specific configuration required to reproduce the issue. Please provide all relevant .conf files - attached to the issue.

By: namezero111111 (namezero111111) 2013-04-23 17:15:59.117-0500

Thanks for the comment.
They're currently discussing in FreePBX #6258 that the issue *may* be only FreePBX related. However, a while ago they said it was Asterisk.
If it turns out that Asterisk isn't at fault, I'll post here to close the ticket, otherwise I'll post the relevant files.

By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2013-05-31 20:25:41.235-0500

Suspended due to lack of activity. Please request a bug marshal in #asterisk-bugs on the IRC network irc.freenode.net to reopen the issue should you have the additional information requested.  Further information can be found at http://www.asterisk.org/developers/bug-guidelines