Summary:ASTERISK-21476: Stasis Core - Refactor extraneous channel events
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:Asterisk12
Date Opened:2013-04-17 07:18:33Date Closed:2013-07-01 08:17:03
Status:Closed/CompleteComponents:Core/ManagerInterface Core/Stasis
Versions:Frequency of
Description:This task is to refactor AMI events in a variety of channel drivers. In general, these should be channel snapshots accompanied by JSON where appropriate.

* {{chan_agent}}:
** Agentlogin/Agentlogoff - refactor and rename to AgentLogin/AgentLogoff.
* {{chan_local}}:
** LocalBridge. This must occur after the {{NewChannel}} events for the two Local channel halves (which should implicitly occur once this has been refactored). The LocalBridge does not reference a bridge object currently; as such it should be a multi-channel message with a JSON blob. Thought needs to be given which topic this is sent to - either ';1' or ';2', but probably not both (as I suspect that will send it to the all channels topic twice)
* {{chan_gtalk}}:
** ChannelUpdate
* {{sig_analog}}
** AlarmClear/DNDState
* {{sip_pri}}
** MCID - this will have to be carefully refactored, as it can both have a channel present as well as have no channels.
* {{chan_dahdi}} - all events
* {{chan_iax2}}
** JitterBufStats. It would be better if this could be conveyed by the jitter buffer code itself; however, that would be difficult to do and not spam AMI. It feels like this event could be removed and we wouldn't cause a lot of people heartburn.
* {{chan_sip}}
** SIPqualifypeerdone. Uppercase where appropriate (SIPQualifyPeerDone)
** Transfer - remove. This needs to be added to the bridging core.
** SessionTimeout - refactor to a JSON blob with a channel handle
** ChannelReload. Remove - this should be covered by the {{loader.c}} reload event.
Comments:By: Kinsey Moore (kmoore) 2013-06-11 09:31:08.357-0500

Progress on this issue can be found here:

* {{chan_local}}:
** LocalBridge - refactored
* {{chan_dahdi}}
** DAHDIChannel - refactored
** AlarmClear - refactored
** SpanAlarmClear - refactored
** Alarm - refactored
** SpanAlarm - refactored
** DNDState - refactored
* {{sig_analog}}
** AlarmClear - refactored
** DNDState - refactored
* {{sig_pri}}
** MCID - refactored
* {{chan_gtalk}}:
** ChannelUpdate - refactored
* {{chan_agent}}:
** Agentlogin/Agentlogoff - refactored
* {{chan_iax2}}
** JitterBufStats - removed
* {{chan_sip}}
** SIPqualifypeerdone - refactored
** Transfer - already removed
** SessionTimeout - refactored
** ChannelReload - removed