Summary:ASTERISK-21452: New SIP Channel Driver - Create Event State Compistor resource module and implement Publish API
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:Asterisk12 NewSIP
Date Opened:2013-04-16 11:08:01Date Closed:2013-06-29 08:42:57
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is related toASTERISK-21453 New SIP Channel Driver - Implement CCSS
Description:In addition to supporting SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY requests, we also need to support [RFC 3903 - Event State Publication|http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3903.txt]. A proposed API for this has been drafted on the Asterisk wiki on the [Event Subscription and Publication Design page|https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Event+Subscription+and+Publication+Design]. This task is to implement this API. This includes:

* Creation of an Event State Compositor (ESC). The ESC needs to be able to store event information published by Event Publication Agents (EPA). The ESC should be able to process PUBLISH request payloads, maintain a lifetime for event information, reject event information that Asterisk does not have a handler for, and generally manage state. This would be the framework that the {{ast_sip_publication_handler}} register themselves with.
* Implement the ability for Asterisk to be an EPA itself. This would allow Asterisk to PUBLISH event information that it is responsible for. This does not include actually implementing specific event publication agents; rather, it should merely provide the API as specified on the wiki for EPAs to publish information.