Summary:ASTERISK-21434: Add anonymous access support to chan_gulp
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:Asterisk12 NewSIP
Date Opened:2013-04-15 16:33:09Date Closed:2013-06-16 08:34:35
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is related toASTERISK-21433 Add analogous support for 'alwaysauthreject' to chan_gulp and top level security settings
Description:As much as we hate to admit it, someone's going to want to allow anonymous access into Asterisk.


So, we need an endpoint identifier service that will allow said access. This endpoint identifier should only kick in when all other identifiers have passed on providing the endpoint, and should never be called if {{res_sip_security}} has {{alwaysauthreject}} enabled (see ASTERISK-21433).

The anonymous endpoint should be configured as an endpoint in {{res_sip.conf}}, but it should have a special identifier that configures it as the anonymous endpoint. Care will have to be taken such that:
* For multiple anonymous requests, responses to said requests are sent to the correct addresses
* Outbound requests that are not part of an existing dialog should never be sent to an anonymous endpoint (I can't see how that would be useful or possible)