Summary:ASTERISK-21421: API Improvements: build out the concept of an endpoint in Stasis-Core
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:Asterisk12
Date Opened:2013-04-12 13:35:34Date Closed:2013-05-08 08:39:38
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Description:Stasis-HTTP will need the concept of an endpoint. This same concept is loosely defined already in the following manner:
* Devices and device state already exists in Stasis-Core (or will shortly) and are loosely related to the concept of an endpoint (although there is not a perfect 1 to 1 matching)
* Many channel drivers raise AMI events that correspond to what would be an 'endpoint':
** {{chan_dahdi}} raises {{DAHDIChannel}} events and events related to spans
** {{chan_sip}} raises events for both registry events as well as {{PeerStatus}} events
** {{chan_iax2}} raises events for both registry and {{PeerStatus}} events as well
** {{chan_motif}} through {{res_xmpp}} raises status messages about Jabber Accounts

In general, what we need is something that fulfills the following requirements:
* A Stasis-Core cachable (that is, snapshot) object that provides basic properties of an endpoint, as well as its state. Some states may not make sense for all objects, but a reasonable cross-section of states should be defined.
* Message technology specific properties should be conveyed in a JSON blob.
* Stasis topics and messages for changes in state for an endpoint.