Summary:ASTERISK-21177: [patch] Issues with skinny callinfo during fwd
Reporter:Damien Wedhorn (wedhorn)Labels:patch
Date Opened:2013-02-27 14:46:37.000-0600Date Closed:
Versions:SVN 13.18.4 Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) skinny-callinfofwd01.diff
( 1) skinny-callinfofwd02.diff
( 2) skinny-callinfofwd03.diff
Description:Some issues around getting correct caller info when a sip device forwards a skinny device to another sip device.
Comments:By: Damien Wedhorn (wedhorn) 2013-02-27 14:49:32.935-0600

This patch is a pretty heavy revision in sending caller info. Removed send_callinfo from various places and revised send_callinfo function. Also added update_redirectingline.

Limited testing, but seems an improvement. Will need lots of testing given the invasiveness.

By: Damien Wedhorn (wedhorn) 2013-03-07 00:45:47.107-0600

Send callinfo with substate PROCEED as well. This only occurs when the previous state was DIALING.

By: snuffy (snuffy) 2013-03-21 18:49:31.775-0500

This works fine for almost all cases..

Only one lacking is when doing call pickup from on-hook..

By: Damien Wedhorn (wedhorn) 2013-03-22 02:02:13.857-0500

New patch. Has a temp solution. Longer term method structure is embedded in directed pickup patch on reviewboard.