Summary:ASTERISK-21020: Add support for legacy sip.conf configuration in res_sip's supported sorcery backends
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:Asterisk12
Date Opened:2013-02-01 04:16:27.000-0600Date Closed:2013-07-08 08:31:34
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Description:Now that {{res_sip}} has basic static configuration file support for its endpoint objects, we need to add support for the existing configuration {{sip.conf}} schema.

A peer/friend/user entry should correspond to an endpoint. Mappings of general settings to a default endpoint template should be created such that global settings are applied correctly.

This effort only needs to support the current configuration parameters in {{res_sip.conf}} - as additional services are added, they should be added to this sorcery provider.
Comments:By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-07-08 08:31:28.952-0500

After a lot of thought, I don't think it's a good idea to try and support {{sip.conf}} schema in the new SIP stack.

# The items are just very, very different
# {{sip.conf}} schema has a lot of quirks, i.e., {{users.conf}} support, general options, etc.
# {{sip.conf}} has some settings that just don't translate over very well

Instead, we've decided to focus on providing a script to aid in the upgrading. If additional user support is needed, it should take the form of higher level objects defined in the new schema that are built upon the lower level SIP objects currently provided.