Summary:ASTERISK-20591: UDTPL seems not to be loading.
Reporter:Henrik Andresen (hhandresen)Labels:
Date Opened:2012-10-22 04:15:12Date Closed:2012-10-22 09:41:46
Versions:11.0.0-beta2 Frequency of
Environment:CentOS 6.2 2 network adapterAttachments:
Description:When trying to send fax using SpanDSP / T.38 following errors/warnings shows up.

[Oct 22 10:06:42] ERROR[1911][C-00000006]: udptl.c:965 ast_udptl_new_with_bindaddr: Could not access global udptl options!
[Oct 22 10:06:42] WARNING[1911][C-00000006]: chan_sip.c:7282 initialize_udptl: UDPTL creation failed - disabling T38 for this dialog
[Oct 22 10:06:42] WARNING[1911][C-00000006]: chan_sip.c:9956 process_sdp: Failed to initialize UDPTL, declining image stream
[Oct 22 10:06:42] WARNING[1911][C-00000006]: chan_sip.c:10100 process_sdp: Failing due to no acceptable offer found

When trying to show udtpl config.

nixpille*CLI> udptl show config
Command 'udptl show config ' failed.

Also tried newest SVN
Comments:By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2012-10-22 07:40:19.238-0500

If you see the "could not access global udptl options" error, that means that the {{udptl.conf}} file failed to load.

There should be additional errors/warnings during the loading of Asterisk that indicate why the config file failed to load.  Can you provide a full log showing the warnings/errors?

By: Henrik Andresen (hhandresen) 2012-10-22 08:25:51.122-0500

SO embarrassing, I had used the udptl.conf from 10.6.X and didn't think it could't load on asterisk 11.

I changed a few errors, and now it all works.