Summary:ASTERISK-20454: Can't use SIP realtime registrations alone without realtime peers
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Date Opened:2012-09-20 17:17:40Date Closed:2017-07-25 09:50:46
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Description:In extconfig.conf, enable sipregs but not sippeers.  Create the ODBC DSNs as required.

Create the minimum required table for sipregs:
create table if not exists sipregs (
name varchar(10),
ipaddr varchar(46),
port int,
regseconds int,
defaultuser varchar(10),
fullcontact varchar(35),
regserver varchar(20),
useragent varchar(20),
lastms int,
index name (name),
index ipaddr (ipaddr)
/* Add your test extension numbers as appropriate to the table */
insert sipregs (name) values ('testextn01');
insert sipregs (name) values ('testextn02');
insert sipregs (name) values ('textextn03'); /* etc */

In sip.conf, enable

In the Asterisk CLI, "sip show settings" displays:

Global Settings:
 SIP realtime:           Enabled

Realtime SIP Settings:
 Realtime Peers:         No
 Realtime Regs:          Yes
 Cache Friends:          Yes
 Update:                 Yes
 Ignore Reg. Expire:     No
 Save sys. name:         Yes
 Auto Clear:             120 (Disabled)


However, the sipregs table never updates.
Comments:By: Richard Miller (ulogic) 2012-09-24 22:07:04.554-0500

This second patch has the same logic as the first one, but I just changed the new variable name from rregsonly to rtregsonly.

By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2017-07-25 09:50:47.087-0500

Closing this issue out as it hasn't seen movement since 2012 and Asterisk 1.8 is EOL.

You are welcome to push the patch through the review process (if still applicable) on a recent, supported version of Asterisk if you like. Please open a new issue for that if you do.