Summary:ASTERISK-20280: In app_voicemail we attempt to play the sound "vm-urgent-removed", which should be "vm-marked-nonurgent"
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Date Opened:2012-08-20 15:20:07Date Closed:2012-11-14 19:49:45.000-0600
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Description:"vm-urgent-removed" is called from app_voicemail when the urgent flag is removed.
The sound file is missing from recent English core sound packs, however.

This results in no feedback when key 4 when this functionality is accessed.

[Aug 20 15:58:42] WARNING[26941]: file.c:667 ast_openstream_full: File vm-urgent-removed does not exist in any format

The recording was made for the implementation of the urgent flag and is present here:
Comments:By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2012-11-14 09:11:30.647-0600

This should really be a change in the source, the file exists in core sounds as 'vm-marked-nonurgent', but in app_voicemail we call vm-urgent-removed. 'vm-marked-nonurgent' follows the naming convention of the other "urgent" related sound files. We'll modify the source appropriately.

                               /* Mark Urgent */
                               if ((flag && ast_strlen_zero(flag)) || (!ast_strlen_zero(flag) && strcmp(flag, "Urgent"))) {
                                       ast_verbose(VERBOSE_PREFIX_3 "marking message as Urgent\n");
                                       res = ast_play_and_wait(chan, "vm-marked-urgent");
                                       strcpy(flag, "Urgent");
                               } else if (flag) {
                                       ast_verbose(VERBOSE_PREFIX_3 "UNmarking message as Urgent\n");
                                       res = ast_play_and_wait(chan, "vm-urgent-removed");
                                       strcpy(flag, "");


Also changing title of this issue.

By: Rusty Newton (rnewton) 2012-11-14 18:13:25.670-0600

Attaching patch for sound file name correction.