Summary:ASTERISK-20118: When dnsmgr is enabled, the status of SIP trunks that use host names changes to UNKNOWN after sip reload
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Date Opened:2012-07-11 12:26:39Date Closed:2012-07-11 13:49:04
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Environment:Asterisk dnsmgr enabledAttachments:
Description:We have a SIP trunk (voip.ms) that works properly when Asterisk is started. When we reload the configuration (either via "reload" or "sip reload"), the output of "sip show peers" changes for that trunk to
Host               Status
(Unspecified)      UNKNOWN
The trunk is not operational after that and does not recover (even though "sip show registry" shows the trunk as registered).

The problem does not occur when we use the IP address of the voip.ms location as the host.  The problem does not occur when we use the name as the host (e.g., houston.voip.ms) and when we disable dnsmgr.

We tried another SIP trunk provider and the same issue was observed (i.e., the problem is not voip.ms specific).

Testing exactly the same SIP trunk configuration on another system with Asterisk with dnsmgr enabled did not exhibit this problem. Hence, it appears the problem has been introduced in Asterisk 1.8.
Comments:By: Misha Vodsedalek (vmisha) 2012-07-11 13:49:04.807-0500

The reported issue was due to an interaction introduced in an attempt to resolve another problem. Sorry about that.