Summary:ASTERISK-19802: Fails to set WRITE mode correctly, skips first file to be played when format is ULAW.
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Date Opened:2012-04-27 01:23:31Date Closed:
Versions: 13.18.4 Frequency of
Environment:No hardware. Just Centos, Asterisk, Dahdi & ToolsAttachments:( 0) fail.txt
( 1) success.txt
( 2) weird.txt
Description:I have noticed an issue with MEETME (realtime/Dynamic conferences) on Asterisk 1.8 - I allow ULAW and ALAW only.

Under certain conditions, Asterisk fails to set the channel WRITE mode correctly resulting in the failure to play the FIRST sound file using play_and_record. Subsequent sound files are OK. If the channel WRITE mode is set in advance by another application before MEETME, then the problem does not exist.

If a call comes in on ALAW. Everything works OK as per success.txt. If the call comes in on ULAW, something goes wrong and Asterisk SKIPS the vm-rec-name.gsm and plays beep.gsm instead and begins recording as per fail.txt

I just restricted the codecs to ALAW only, and now I actually hear the first fraction of a second of audio before the beep "At<beep>". I have attached it as weird.txt