Summary:ASTERISK-19432: Seg Fault in libresample upon Asterisk Startup
Reporter:Vladimir Mikhelson (vmikhelson)Labels:
Date Opened:2012-02-26 15:36:17.000-0600Date Closed:2012-02-27 08:21:40.000-0600
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Environment:CentOS 5.7, FreePBX, low end PC with 384M RAM. Installed Packages libresample.i386 0.1.3-1_centos5 installed libresample-devel.i386 0.1.3-1_centos5 installedAttachments:( 0) 2012-02-24--backtrace.txt
( 1) 2012-02-24--gdb.txt
Description:If Asterisk is compiled with codec_resample Asterisk seg faults with 80% probability upon startup with the folowing backtrace. Often times it does it several times in a row. Then it eventually loads.

#0  lrsFilterUD (Imp=0xb71e6008, ImpD=0xb71a1008, Nwing=69632, Interp=0 '\000', Xp=0x9311000, Ph=1, Inc=1, dhb=2048) at src/filterkit.c:209
#1  0x00ad410e in lrsSrcUD (X=0x8c97728, Y=0x8c94f30, factor=0.5, TimePtr=0x92fa2dc, Nx=160, Nwing=69632, LpScl=0.5, Imp=0xb71e6008, ImpD=0xb71a1008, Interp=0 '\000')
   at src/resamplesubs.c:112
#2  0x00ad3b12 in resample_process (handle=0x92fa298, factor=0.5, inBuffer=0xbff22b60, inBufferLen=160, lastFlag=0, inBufferUsed=0xbff22e08, outBuffer=0xbff22e0c,
   outBufferLen=2048) at src/resample.c:276
#3  0x00a57907 in resample_frame (pvt=0x9300598, resampler=0x92fa298, resample_factor=0.5, f=0xa584e0) at codec_resample.c:127
#4  0x00a57a4f in slin16_to_slin8_framein (pvt=0x9300598, f=0xa584e0) at codec_resample.c:160
#5  0x0818fb95 in framein (pvt=0x9300598, f=0xa584e0) at translate.c:178
#6  0x08190958 in calc_cost (t=0xa58340, seconds=1) at translate.c:397
#7  0x0819282e in __ast_register_translator (t=0xa58340, mod=0x8942710) at translate.c:835
#8  0x00a57b36 in load_module () at codec_resample.c:212
#9  0x0811ac16 in start_resource (mod=0x8942710) at loader.c:794
#10 0x0811b511 in load_resource_list (load_order=0xbff25314, global_symbols=0, mod_count=0xbff2530c) at loader.c:982
#11 0x0811bb71 in load_modules (preload_only=0) at loader.c:1135
#12 0x08086872 in main (argc=8, argv=0xbff268c4) at asterisk.c:3829
Comments:By: Vladimir Mikhelson (vmikhelson) 2012-02-26 15:37:30.733-0600

Please find gdb.txt and backtrace.txt attached.

By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2012-02-27 08:21:40.142-0600

Closed as duplicate of ASTERISK-19387.  Changing the component does not change how an issue is Triaged; merely how it is searched for.  I'll comment again on that issue.