Summary:ASTERISK-18823: TestSuite: Fix the Asterisk wrapper class to better manage an instance of Asterisk
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Date Opened:2011-11-03 17:20:43Date Closed:2011-11-08 16:43:07.000-0600
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Description:The Asterisk class in lib/python currently makes the Asterisk instances in the constructor.  This has a number of drawbacks:
1. Informational requests that should be static to the class (e.g., what is the base directory of any Asterisk instance) instead create 'dummy' instances of Asterisk.  This causes numerous cleanup problems in the testsuite.
2. There is no way to get information about an instance of Asterisk that is going to be created or has been created without significantly affecting the tests under way

Specifically, this is a blocker to properly implementing the SIP TLS tests, as the certificate files have to be copied into the Asterisk instance's test directories before the instances of Asterisk are launched.

The Asterisk class should manage an instance of Asterisk such that:
1. Information about where the instance is going to exist, along with its modules, config files, etc. are queryable after object creation but before the instance is launched
2. Global information shared between any instance of Asterisk (such as the root location of the config files) should be static to the class and / or available without having to launch an instance of Asterisk