Summary:ASTERISK-18801: Menuselect Easter Egg (Motherships)
Reporter:John Gould (felix1125)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-11-01 13:45:39Date Closed:2011-11-07 10:48:57.000-0600
Versions:Frequency of
Environment:Ubuntu 11.04Attachments:( 0) menuselect_iegg_mothership.patch
( 1) space2.patch
Description:Added a mothership component to make Easter Egg more fun. Said mothership appears frequently, making one pass across the screen, scoring 100 points if destroyed.
Comments:By: David Vossel (dvossel) 2011-11-01 13:59:48.449-0500


By: John Gould (felix1125) 2011-11-01 14:35:01.073-0500

Mothership patch.

By: John Gould (felix1125) 2011-11-02 13:14:53.630-0500

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By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2011-11-02 15:05:55.947-0500

Sorry, you'll need to sign a license agreement first, and then attach your patches.

By: Jonathan Rose (jrose) 2011-11-03 08:31:50.286-0500

He's actually signed a couple now.  Legal rejected the first on the basis that he put company as Digium but didn't use his Digium email address. Since he doesn't have a Digium email address, I said he should just leave company blank and refer to himself as a student instead.

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2011-11-03 10:04:11.599-0500

Right, but what I mean is attach the patches after an accepted agreement or we won't be able to review his patches.

By: Jonathan Rose (jrose) 2011-11-07 10:32:46.848-0600

Actually, we can view the patches immediately following the acceptance of the license, as you can probably see above now.

By: Jonathan Rose (jrose) 2011-11-07 10:48:57.812-0600

Minor inconsequential feature for cmenuselect committed to menuselect trunk.