Summary:ASTERISK-18428: TestSuite: Framework: Add pre and post test check framework
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Date Opened:2011-09-06 15:59:00Date Closed:2011-09-14 14:40:10
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must be completed before startingASTERISK-18429 TestSuite: Framework: Add pre / post check for memory usage
Description:Create a framework for adding pre and post-test checks to tests.  This should be included with the TestClass base class, and should be controlled through some configurable mechanism.  The framework should allow for new pre and post-test checks to be defined and developed by test developers as needed, and registered to the tests under execution.  Test configuration should be allowed to specifically enable or disable pre and post test checks as needed.

Included in the framework should be a consistent approach to gathering data from the instances of Asterisk under test, formatting that data, delivering that data to the executing tests, and producing reports (or managing of test data) for post-test analysis tools.