Summary:ASTERISK-18427: TestSuite: Framework: Add ability for tests to be executed in subsets
Reporter:Matt Jordan (mjordan)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-09-06 15:55:22Date Closed:2011-11-10 15:21:59.000-0600
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) test_tagging.diff
Description:Tests in the test suite should be able to be executed in subsets of tests.  Subsets could be defined as grouping tests by features (applications, functions, etc.), by supported Asterisk version, by supported Asterisk compiler flags, by test modes, and by other user or test operator configurable parameters.
Comments:By: Kinsey Moore (kmoore) 2011-10-21 14:58:29.624-0500

I added a generic tagging mechanism to the external test suite.
Review here: https://reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/1537/

By: Kinsey Moore (kmoore) 2011-10-21 17:26:48.708-0500

Attached corrected patch with tag exclusion functionality.  I fear that this will never get used unless I go through and tag every test correctly before committing it.