Summary:ASTERISK-18254: say_digits() app sound distortion
Reporter:sam mitchell (lakersman2006)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-08-10 18:31:45Date Closed:2011-08-10 19:03:20
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Description:I have noticed that when using the say_digits() app to say a string of numbers (ie. 13109239900) that there is a sound distortion when the system says "23". I have tried the /sounds/digits/3.ulaw and /sounds/digits/3.gsm and they both make the same sound distortion. So when I tested it on an older version of asterisk1.6.2.15 there is no sound distortion. I have also noticed if I call say_digits() each time for each individual number, then there is no sound distortion. So I think the problem comes when the say_digits() has multiple numbers in the string, but particularly when the number "2" and "3" are combined together is when I noticed it.
Comments:By: sam mitchell (lakersman2006) 2011-08-10 19:03:20.031-0500

Just realized that it was a ulaw file that might be causing it.