Summary:ASTERISK-18218: 10beta1 ooh323 outbound call doesn't work
Reporter:Dmitry Melekhov (slesru)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-08-02 01:55:11Date Closed:2011-08-23 23:45:23
Versions:10.0.0-beta1 Frequency of
Environment:Centos 5.6/x64Attachments:( 0) ASTERISK-18218.patch
Description:Here is dialplan

exten =>4406,1,Dial(OOH323/5308)

gnugk says following:


And only info with trace level 6 in log is:

10:37:42:120  Parsing destination 5308  

Let's compare this with

10:43:30:016  Parsing destination 5308                                                                                                                        
10:43:30:016  Destination is parsed as dialed digits 5308  
10:43:30:019        destinationInfo = {                                                                                                                      
10:43:30:019           elem[0] = {                                                                                                                            
10:43:30:019              dialedDigits = {                                                                                                                    
10:43:30:019                 "5308"                                                                                                                          
10:43:30:019              }                                                                                                                                  
10:43:30:019           }                                                                                                                                      
10:43:30:020        }                    
Comments:By: Alexander Anikin (may213) 2011-08-06 08:49:37.984-0500

Looks like to asterisk ooh323 peer isn't registered on gnugk by some reason.

> ARJ|||ast-

There is no required info for understanding what is trouble here.
Could you provide more detailed ooh323 log with tracelevel=6 and started from loading point
of chan_ooh323?

First few packets must be grq/rrq and responses from gk about peer registration.
There was small changes in gk client codes since 1.8.5 so trouble can be here but
some tests was good and we need additional info for solving.

Also i did another small changes in gk client codes two days before, you can try actual asterisk-10 branch from svn.

By: Alexander Anikin (may213) 2011-08-07 17:09:56.256-0500

Dmitry, pls try attached patch.

first trouble was in the destination parsing routine that use ast_parse_args with PARSE_ADDR, looks like to ast_parse_args from the current version parse numeric args as ip addrs. Additional checking added here before ast_parse_args call.

second trouble could be in the gk client code that didn't set IP proto version properly, this just fixed.

By: Dmitry Melekhov (slesru) 2011-08-08 02:05:17.149-0500


Thank you very much!
Patch solved problem :-)