Summary:ASTERISK-18156: SIP messages stop being processed with res_timing_dahdi
Reporter:ppower (ppower)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-07-19 15:01:00Date Closed:2011-08-26 14:31:36
Versions:1.8.2 Frequency of
duplicatesASTERISK-17760 [patch] deadlock in chan_sip
Environment:gentoo 2.6.36 dual quad core hyper threaded 2.67GHz intel processors 8GB RAMAttachments:( 0) backtrace.txt
( 1) backtrace2.txt
( 2) locks.txt
Description:This issue is very similar to ASTERISK-18074. There are differences: CPU usage was nil, DUNDi traffic seems to have stopped its processing as well.  The code was not set for showing locks, but I will attach a back trace.  There were 729 DUNDi threads!  I expect this failure to occur rarely, so bear with me in the feedback department.
Comments:By: ppower (ppower) 2011-07-19 15:02:38.090-0500

The promised back trace.

By: ppower (ppower) 2011-07-26 15:40:35.208-0500

Happened again today. uploading the back trace and core show locks. What i did notice prior to the lock up was very erratic CPU usage.  Many times the CPU usage spiked at of 50%. A sister machine with more SIP end points has spent the day processing at a steady 1-2% (compiled with out thread debugging).

By: Richard Mudgett (rmudgett) 2011-07-26 18:52:22.148-0500

The [^locks.txt] file shows a deadlock that was fixed with ASTERISK-17760.

By: ppower (ppower) 2011-08-01 14:39:54.025-0500

FWIW - this lock up does occur with out reloading the dial plan.

By: Paul Belanger (pabelanger) 2011-08-26 14:31:36.942-0500

We believe this issue is fixed in