Summary:ASTERISK-17937: [patch] improvment on SendText() to use realtime text if negociated
Reporter:Emmanuel BUU (neutrino88)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-05-27 15:56:55Date Closed:2011-08-29 12:34:16
Versions:1.8.2 Frequency of
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Description:This patch make use of wirte_text() realtime text instead of send_text() if T.140 is in native formats
Comments:By: Terry Wilson (twilson) 2011-08-05 12:19:26.672-0500

This looks safe to me, although ast_strlen_zero() should be used instead of checking for text == NULL and strlen(text).

I suppose it makes sense to prefer a native format to the send_text callback, although I'm not completely comfortable with changing the default behavior of ast_sendtext(). If the phone is saying that they support it, it should be safe to send, but I just wonder if devices might respond differently to the streaming text than they would, say, a SIP MESSAGE request.

I suppose it is just as possible that devices exist that don't support MESSAGE but do offer T.140 and they would currently fail, though. I suppose I will make the ast_strlen_zero change, try to find a device that supports t.140 so I can test this, and commit it if it works.