Summary:ASTERISK-17915: [patch] Reboot Snom phones with "sip notify snom-reboot"
Reporter:Gunnar Harms (speedy)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-05-24 13:49:07Date Closed:2011-06-07 13:14:20
Versions:1.8.4 Frequency of
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Description:In Asterisk there is a sample configuration file configs/sip_notify.conf.sample:


This is working for most Snom phones, but not for Snom m9. And it is not the correct behaviour in Snom view. http://wiki.snom.com/FAQ/How_to_trigger_the_phone_to_synchronize_its_settings_via_mass_deployment
It would be better to change it to:


This works for all Snom phones including m9.
Comments:By: Andrew Latham (lathama) 2011-05-25 11:22:20

simple enough.... please provide the models that you have tested with...

By: Gunnar Harms (speedy) 2011-05-25 12:19:07

Works with the following phones in my setup:
Snom 300, Firmware 8.4.31
Snom 820, Firmware 8.4.18
Snom 360, Firmware 7.3.30
Snom m9, Firmware 8.2.54-a

I have a Snom m3 here when testing is needed. It is not configured at the moment, so I didn't test yet.

By: Andrew Latham (lathama) 2011-05-25 13:04:11

ship it

By: Gunnar Harms (speedy) 2011-05-26 08:33:30

With Snom m3 I did not found a solution for a reboot of the base station. It is not working with "Event=>reboot" and "Event=>check-sync;reboot=true". I will try to get a statement of Snom.
So no Snom phone will be excluded from reboot with the patch. Please commit!

By: Andrew Latham (lathama) 2011-05-26 08:35:28

I can look and ask today...  I have an M3 laying on my desk right now...

By: Andrew Latham (lathama) 2011-05-26 10:17:39

http://wiki.snom.com/Snom_m3/Firmware/Release_Notes/1.20 mentions an Asterisk reboot bug...

By: Gunnar Harms (speedy) 2011-05-26 10:55:17

Yes there was a bug in Snom m3 firmware. But is has nothing to do with the "SIP NOTIFY" topic here.
Snom told me there is no way to reboot a m3 with a SIP NOTIFY message. So I think this issue can be closed and the patch can be commited. Thanks lathama for working on it!

By: Andrew Latham (lathama) 2011-06-07 12:08:48.486-0500

This is ready for review board?

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2011-06-07 12:29:38.587-0500

ship it, any committer feel free to commit