Summary:ASTERISK-17514: preferred_codec_only=yes disables the video stream from caller to callee
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Date Opened:2011-03-04 07:03:03.000-0600Date Closed:2011-03-05 13:41:01.000-0600
Versions:1.8.1 Frequency of
Description:preferred_codec_only=yes in sip.conf causes one-directional video for video calls. This looks like codec negotiation problem since when a codec is selected in ast_codec_choose() only preferred codecs are considered. The problem is that video codecs are never in the preferred list (h263 is always missing from the peers' Codec Order) and therefore are never in the peer capabilities after calling ast_codec_choose(). The caller always gets 200 OK with  m=video 0 RTP/AVP in the SDP.

I have managed to work around this by modifying ast_codec_choose() to look for video codecs in the peer's capabilities and select it even though it is not in the preferred codec list. However a better solution might be to include video codecs in the Codec Order.
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