Summary:ASTERISK-17298: Call drops
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Date Opened:2011-01-27 14:33:36.000-0600Date Closed:2011-01-31 14:13:46.000-0600
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Description:I am having lots of Call drops together with SIP-retransmit messages.

"chan_sip.c:3386 retrans_pkt: Retransmission timeout reached on transmission 002584a0-c4810006-cc93b604-bbaa4a1f@ for seqno 102 (Critical Response) -- See doc/sip-retransmit.txt.
Packet timed out after 6400ms with no response"

- NAT setting is set to "no" in sip.conf
- No router/firewall on the network; tested with a switch connected directly to server
- Iptables off on server
- Most importantly, have previously been using same network and same server but with asterisk 1.4.23 with no SIP-retransmit problem


Centos 5.5 x86_64
kernel = 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5
asterisk =
dahdi = 2.4.0
libpri =
E1 card = TE121BF
IP phones = 120 SIP Cisco phones

Server Spec = HP Server with single Quad Xeon processor, 4Gb memory, 160Gb HDisk

Comments:By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2011-01-31 14:13:46.000-0600

Please use the asterisk-users mailing list for support with this issue. Per the WARNING message you posted:  See doc/sip-retransmit.txt.