Summary:ASTERISK-17291: [REGRESSION]: Transfer to park extension leaves zombie channels if incoming PRI channel disconnects and sometimes segfaults *
Reporter:David Brillert (aragon)Labels:
Date Opened:2011-01-26 11:20:30.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:00:57
Versions:1.8.4 Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) jan_27_2011_astdebug_cli_park_segfault_during_valgrind.txt.zip
( 1) Jan_27_2011_malloc_debug.txt
( 2) Jan_27_2011_valgrind.txt
( 3) park_segfault_jan_26_2011.txt
( 4) zombie_park_channels.txt
Description:Incoming PRI channel is answered by SIP extension.
SIP extension 6010 attended SIP transfers incoming PRI leg to park extension 7000.
Park succeeds.
Incoming PRI channel is torn down by outside caller hangup.
Park extension does not tear down.
Core show channels displays the park extension is still in use.
This can also cause segfaults when parked channel does callback.


CLI is attached to show behavior.
Comments:By: David Brillert (aragon) 2011-01-27 09:02:50.000-0600

This is probably related to another ticket I have open ASTERISK-17290
I am attaching debug logs from that ticket here also.

By: David Brillert (aragon) 2011-02-03 10:51:11.000-0600

Over on bug report ASTERISK-17263 jpeeler has uploaded a patch bug18637.patch which gets rid of the zombie channels but adds a lot of locking and unlocking.

Based on that patch ASTERISK-17291 could probably be closed out because these zombies disappear with bug18637.patch

By: David Brillert (aragon) 2011-02-04 09:28:12.000-0600

This issue is fixed in r306120 so this report can be closed out.