Summary:ASTERISK-17272: Incoming calls stop working after changing IP in DNS SRV
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Date Opened:2011-01-22 17:42:03.000-0600Date Closed:2011-05-10 17:13:57
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Description:Subj, when hostname's IP address changes, the incoming calls stops working.
The call is being sent into 'default' context.

'sip reload' does not help. only changing something in sip.conf and then reloading SIP helps.
i've got srvlookup=yes
also dnsmgr.conf is enabled.
when IP address changes, i've got a message in CLI:
[Jan 23 01:12:58] NOTICE[16002] dnsmgr.c: dnssrv: host '***' changed from to
also 'sip show peer ...' shows me an actual IP address, so refresh seems to be okay. but incoming call gives an error

any workaround for this problem?..
Comments:By: newborn83 (newborn83) 2011-01-23 08:03:46.000-0600

Problem resolved. I've added string 'fromuser' at the caller party.