Summary:ASTERISK-17057: [patch] Nokia disconnects (error 104), missing SMSSRC and unicode SMS support
Reporter:Denes Magyar (fpoison)Labels:patch
Date Opened:2010-12-03 06:42:18.000-0600Date Closed:
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) asterisk-1.8.15-chan_mobile_fix.patch
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Description:I'm currently running asterisk 1.8.0 checked out from SVN. Tried chan_mobile to act as an SMS gateway but first noticed that the phone disconnect after evey hangup and reconnects after a while (<20 sec). I've found the cause and created a patch for it.

Also as I'm living in an UTF-8 country :) I needed to transfer unicode characters. I've put together some code for that - although not native PDU mode (so length is limited to 70 chars in using unicode) but using HEX mode. There's a new application called MobileSendHEXSms with the exact same parameter list as the original application which would handle direct HEX transfers.

You'll need to pass ASCII representation of big-endian HEX bytes as message in order for this to work. (eg: MobileSendHEXSms(GW1,+36301234567,0621067806D20674))

I'll work on full PDU support (including concat SMS messages) in the coming weeks.
Comments:By: Denes Magyar (fpoison) 2010-12-03 06:55:47.000-0600

The upload timed out for the first file hence I've uploaded it again with the -GOOD suffix. Please ignore first file.

By: Uldis (ulcha) 2011-02-03 03:12:37.000-0600

I can confirm, that patch works. No more disconnects after every call with Nokia. Tested ~ 2 weeks with two different phones, >300 calls, stable.

SMS sending not tested.

By: Uldis (ulcha) 2011-04-10 10:59:13

Please, test and include this patch! Now i have to patch manually in every upgrade.
I have tested with:

Nokia 7390 and several other Nokia's
Siemens / Benq EF81.

Without patch Nokia's (other phones seems unaffected) goes to lunch after ~ 1 day and connection has to be restarted manually, with patch system is usable for weeks.

By: Denes Magyar (fpoison) 2012-08-13 08:22:49.298-0500

Updated version for 1.8.15 - including addr.rc_channel patch for 3.x kernels.

By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-01-15 10:57:49.783-0600

Is the hex SMS application needed for the missing SMSSRC portion of the patch?

The unicode support feels like a new feature, and as such should go into trunk.

By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-01-15 22:12:02.207-0600

As it is, both ASTERISK-19153 and ASTERISK-16822 have patches for the SMSSRC value which is slightly more intuitive than the SMSSRC fix in this patch (puts a {{break;}} for the {{case 1}}). That patch has now been committed, so the portion of this patch that fixes the SMSSRC issue should not be applied.