Summary:ASTERISK-16983: Peer (type=peer) matching is wrong when several peers use one IP:port
Reporter:Grigoriy Puzankin (boroda)Labels:
Date Opened:2010-11-19 04:55:05.000-0600Date Closed:2011-06-07 14:05:28
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Description:I have D-Link DVG-2032 FXS SIP gateway. All ports are set to register as separate users. For example, port 1 as user 100, 2 - 101, etc. D-Link uses one udp port (5060) for all registrations.

If I set type=friend then asterisk matches correct peer.

I also tried to toggle match_auth_username - it makes no difference.


Registration works fine. But when making call from 101-131 user Asterisk produces the following output:

[Nov 18 22:23:44] WARNING[3306]: chan_sip.c:12808 check_auth: username mismatch, have <100>, digest has <121>
[Nov 18 22:23:44] NOTICE[3306]: chan_sip.c:20144 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device "121" <sip:121@>;tag=a1ace834-687308

It also happens in Asterisk 1.8.0:

[Nov 19 17:02:20] WARNING[4200]: chan_sip.c:13392 check_auth: username mismatch, have <100>, digest has <121>
[Nov 19 17:02:20] NOTICE[4200]: chan_sip.c:21187 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device "121" <sip:121@>;tag=9866d817-754429
[Nov 19 17:02:26] WARNING[4200]: chan_sip.c:3383 retrans_pkt: Retransmission timeout reached on transmission D1B9-1B7F-46754429425673726C30-289@SipHost for seqno 315 (Critical Response) -- See doc/sip-retransmit.txt.
Packet timed out after 6400ms with no response

However, there's no 100 in INVITE/auth request.
Comments:By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-12-06 13:58:17.000-0600

I believe this is the way matching is done when you set it to type=peer. As you have found out I believe you need to use type=friend.

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-12-06 14:03:36.000-0600

Confirmed. This is just how it works.

<jsmith> OK... are they trying to auth based on username and password?  Obviously they must be...
<leifmadsen> <russellb> type=peer _only_ matches on IP:port
<leifmadsen> <russellb> there is no additional matching being done
<leifmadsen> <russellb> it's going to match the first one it finds
<jsmith> Therefore, they should be matching on a user (or the user portion of a friend) and not on a peer
<leifmadsen> jsmith: thanks!
<jsmith> If you match on a peer, you're only going to match on IP and port
<leifmadsen> exactly
<jsmith> Great minds think alike!

By: Tim Osman (obeliks) 2012-03-24 01:31:07.105-0500

I think asterisk should be a little bit smarter in this case. Why restrict matching to the first IP/port ?
It should scan the list of all peers with matching IP/ports.