Summary:ASTERISK-16620: Segmentation Fault: bridge_softmix.c Line 170 of softmix_bridge_write
Reporter:Jeff Hoppe (jhoppebugs)Labels:
Date Opened:2010-08-25 16:55:23Date Closed:2011-07-27 13:20:54
Versions:Frequency of
Environment:Attachments:( 0) backtrace0825.txt
( 1) backtrace0825b.txt
Description:Asterisk is crashing at random times with this error.


We have a lot of stuff going on our Asterisk box and therefore our only clues are in the core dump.

We have been running with this version for 4 weeks and this crash came twice in a single day.  We do run the ConfBridge application.
Comments:By: Jeff Hoppe (jhoppebugs) 2010-08-25 16:58:10

Looking at the ChangeLog, I did not see any changes that may help this situation for me to upgrade to this for the sole purpose of fixing the issue.

However, I plan on doing it anyways.

By: Russell Bryant (russell) 2011-07-27 13:20:49.141-0500

Per the Asterisk maintenance timeline page at http://www.asterisk.org/asterisk-versions maintenance (bug) support for the 1.4 and 1.6.x branches has ended. For continued maintenance support please move to the 1.8 branch which is a long term support (LTS) branch. For more information about branch support, please see https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+Versions

If this is still an issue, please open a new issue so it can be re-triaged appropriately. Thanks!