Summary:ASTERISK-15922: Extra lines in msg<number>.txt is added when forwarding a prepended mail to another mailbox
Reporter:Mikael Carlsson (mickecarlsson)Labels:
Date Opened:2010-04-07 09:33:33Date Closed:2010-04-09 10:06:20
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Environment:Attachments:( 0) msg-file-from-forwarded-mailbox.txt
( 1) msg-file-from-origin-mailbox.txt
Description:When checking voicemail and forwarding it to another mailbox with a prepended message the msg<number>.txt file for the forwarded mailbox have extra empty lines.

Steps to duplicate:
1. Check your voicemail
2. Press 8 to forward to another mailbox.
3. Press 1 to prepend a message.
4. Press # to finish prepending message.
5. Hangup

Go to asterisk/voicemail/default/<mailbox of forwarded user>

Check the file (in this case, msg0000.txt), three extra lines are added between header and voicemail information.
Comments:By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2010-04-08 17:12:15

Are these 3 extra lines added for each time the message is forwarded?  i.e. is this a potential waste of 3 bytes per forward, or just an inconvenient 3 extra lines?

By: Tilghman Lesher (tilghman) 2010-04-08 17:14:05

I'm tempted to just close this with a "Won't Fix" unless you can come up with a good reason why we'd spend any time on this.

By: Mikael Carlsson (mickecarlsson) 2010-04-09 02:46:19

Well, the reason that I submitted this was that FreePBX ARI could not display the voicemails as it does not expect those lines. I have since then fixed that issue so that we handle it in ARI instead.

The extra lines only get inserted when prepending a message, if you just forward the voicemail it is OK, no extra lines.

Feel free to close as "Won't Fix".

Mikael Carlsson
FreePBX Development Team