Summary:ASTERISK-15759: After upgrade from 1.4.21 to 1.4.29 on internal SIP calls don't hear the ringback tone
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Date Opened:2010-03-06 10:11:47.000-0600Date Closed:2010-03-24 13:32:24
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Description:Scenario: on the previous Asterisk 1.4.21 can hear ringback tone both calling internal extensions phones and outside phones with SIP trunks.
After a upgrade compiling the sources of Asterisk 1.4.29 i can hear ringback tones only calling the outside phones. On the internals extensions i don'hear the ringback but the voice flow perfectly after answering the call.


On a outside call i have the message "XXX is making progress passing it to XXX"
On internal calls i have only the message "SIP/XXX is ringing" - sniffing packet on the caller phone i don't have back from the asterisk no one of both 180 and 183 SIP codes. Called phone receive the 183 SIP code and ring correctly.
Comments:By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-03-08 09:56:22.000-0600

Can you please test the latest 1.4.30-rc2 release candidate? 1.4.29 is at least a couple of months old, and this issue may already be resolved (it sounds familiar to me).


By: Cristiano (crt) 2010-03-11 05:12:22.000-0600

Yes, i'll try. BTW i'm trying to replicate the entire asterisk, make the same changes, and just after verify that i still have the same issue, i'll try to test the 30rc2.

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-03-15 13:16:16

Note that 1.4.30 final has been released now.

By: Cristiano (crt) 2010-03-24 04:27:47

Ok - after upgrading to 1.4.30 the problem seem to go away.
Note that, in order, i applied the following patch: issue16705_2.diff and issue16647.diff respectively to solve the "starting music on hold" when sending or receiving faxes with T.38 and "insufficient information in SDP (c=..)" when sending or receiving faxes with T.38.
The same patches was applied to 1.4.29 for the same issues.

Regards and thanks,
Cristiano aka .:[CRT]:.

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-03-24 13:32:23

Closed and fixed in 1.4.30.