Summary:ASTERISK-15697: jerky audio after a while
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Date Opened:2010-02-25 16:03:09.000-0600Date Closed:2015-02-25 20:05:49.000-0600
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Description:Some calls become choppy after some minutes, often in outgoing direction from chan_mobile to destination, ie. called party hears heavy jerky, unusable audio, like voip over slow and jittery connection. Incomming audio direction is mostly OK, but sometimes are affected both directions with jerky sound after a while. In first minutes of call are both audio streams (rx/tx) clear.

"hciconfig -a" doesn't show errors on bt device
I tried change bluetooth class: "hciconfig hci0 class 0x400404"
and remove ehci_hcd module: "modprobe -r ehci_hcd"



Comments:By: Daniel A. Veiga (dveiga) 2010-08-02 15:40:19

I'm also experiencing a similar problem, but in the other direction. When I use chan_mobile to call a number outside my PBX, I'm the one that hears the noise after some time, not the other party. My configuration is as follows

POTS Phone -> Dahdi -> chan_dahdi -> Asterisk -> chan_mobile -> CellPhone

I considered DAHDI's echo canceller getting confused by the echo canceller of the phone, so I made a small modification to chan_mobile to call DAHDI's setoption() and disable echo cancellation (AST_OPTION_ECHOCAN) when bridging both channels. It didn't work.

BTW, does anybody know if this branch is still alive. I've published a cluple of patches and I've been monitoring the progress of them and other issues but there have been no changes for a while...

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2011-01-28 11:41:27.000-0600

I'm acknowledging this issue, but chan_mobile has a very low priority level for getting things resolved.

dviega: if you are able to provide patches for chan_mobile, perhaps we should get you commit access so you can provide support for it? You would just use reviewboard to get your patches signed off, then you could commit them to Asterisk yourself.

Find me at lmadsen -at- digium -dot- com or leifmadsen in #asterisk-bugs on IRC.

By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2013-01-15 11:42:42.011-0600

Please note that {{chan_mobile}} is an extended support module and development support for it comes from the Asterisk open source community. As such, response times may reflect that.

By: Matt Jordan (mjordan) 2015-02-25 20:05:43.986-0600

Given that there is:
# No logs or config files on the issue
# No patch for an extended support module
# The issue was reported against an unsupported branch of Asterisk

I'm going to go ahead and Suspend this issue.

If someone does encounter this problem again, please provide config files, logs, and I'll be happy to re-open this issue. That aside, without a patch, it is extremely unlikely that any issue with {{chan_mobile}} will be resolved.