Summary:ASTERISK-15319: core show hints do not follow the general sorting ordre
Reporter:Mark Petersen (roadkill)Labels:
Date Opened:2009-12-16 04:18:02.000-0600Date Closed:2010-01-07 11:28:43.000-0600
Versions:Frequency of
Description:the hints are sorted in the order they are read from the file


# extensions.conf
exten => 190,hint,Custom:Manocrew
#include hints.conf

# hints.conf
exten => _X!,hint,SIP/NoHint
exten => 401,hint,SIP/401
exten => 402,hint,SIP/402
exten => 404,hint,SIP/404
exten => 408,hint,SIP/408
exten => 409,hint,SIP/409

dialplan show Hints
[ Context 'Hints' created by 'pbx_config' ]
 '190' =>          hint: Custom:Manocrew                         [pbx_config]
 '401' =>          hint: SIP/401                 [pbx_config]
 '402' =>          hint: SIP/402                 [pbx_config]
 '404' =>          hint: SIP/404                 [pbx_config]
 '408' =>          hint: SIP/408                 [pbx_config]
 '409' =>          hint: SIP/409                 [pbx_config]
 '_X!' =>          hint: SIP/NoHint                              [pbx_config]

-= 9 extensions (9 priorities) in 1 context. =-

core show hints
   -= Registered Asterisk Dial Plan Hints =-
                   409@Hints               : SIP/409 State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   408@Hints               : SIP/408 State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   404@Hints               : SIP/404 State:Unavailable     Watchers  0
                   402@Hints               : SIP/402 State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   401@Hints               : SIP/401 State:Idle            Watchers  0
                   _X!@Hints               : SIP/NoHint            State:Idle            Watchers  1
                   190@Hints               : Custom:Manocrew       State:Busy            Watchers  0
- 9 hints registered
Comments:By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2009-12-16 07:54:42.000-0600

I'm not quite sure what the bug is here... ?  Does this cause an issue?

By: Mark Petersen (roadkill) 2009-12-18 08:08:02.000-0600

the reason for the bug, was that i original I have one phone that subscribe to hint:190 but got subscribed to _X!
after restarting both the phone and server I was unable to reproduce the error.
but I noticed that when you type "core show hints" the order is wrong and i suspect that it may be the the reason

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2009-12-18 08:33:49.000-0600

Hmmm, I'm not sure if the order matters there, however, if you're mixing static (190) and dynamic (_X!) extensions, then I would think the static should take priority over the dynamic (just like in the regular dialplan).

However, you said you are no longer able to reproduce this? If not, then I'm going to close this for now, and I'd encourage you to open a new report if the matching problem you initially saw reappears and you can reproduce.

By: Leif Madsen (lmadsen) 2010-01-07 11:28:43.000-0600

Closing for now as the reporter can't reproduce, however if it comes back again, please open a new issue. Thanks!